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Union Hotel Cusco is fortunate to have an experienced and dedicated management team committed to the property's success. Led by operations manager Wilmer Lavarello, who brings over 20 years of business management expertise, he oversees day-to-day operations to deliver a functioning, finely tuned property. Sales and marketing manager Vanesa Lavarello-McGuckin has driven bookings growth through creative and comprehensive marketing initiatives and partnerships. The hotel also receives expert legal and accounting guidance from María Gracía Duarte and Mario Navarro of Navarro & Duarte, SAC. Rounded out by veteran senior guest services manager Jorge Lazo, this seasoned leadership team combines deep hospitality experience with specialized skills to ensure smooth operations and strategic, sustained growth.

Wilmer Lavarello, Operations Manager

Wilmer Lavarello has two decades of experience in business management, sales and operations in Peru as Vice President of Oxynsa, a family-owned bottled gas manufacturer and distributor.  Since 2018, Mr. Lavarello has worked onsite, full time, as CIHSAC’s operations manager, responsible for various aspects of the hotel's daily operations to ensure efficient and smooth functioning, including guest services and experience, housekeeping, staff training, food and beverage, maintenance, QA, inventory and supplies, safety and security, collaboration with other departments & partners, financial management and optimization, crisis management and liaison to city agencies (the latter of which Mr. Lavarello has an extensive network of colleagues to help CIHSAC navigate government requirements).

Vanesa Lavarello-McGuckin, Marketing & Sales Manager

Vanesa Lavarello-McGuckin is a business manager with a results-oriented mindset.  Responsible for Sales and Business Development inclusive of inbound and outbound marketing, client relationship management with traditional travel agencies, tour companies and Online Travel Agencies (OTAs), trend analysis, negotiation and contract management, collaboration with hotel operations and revenue management teams, human resources, and sales reporting and analysis.  Ms. Lavarello-McGuckin has contributed greatly to Union Hotel Cusco, being among the highest rated properties in Cusco and the winner of multiple industry awards from US Online Travel Agencies (OTAs) including, Expedia and TripAdvisor.

Jorge Lazo, General Manager

With 18 years of experience in boutique and specialty hotels throughout Peru's Cusco region, including the city of Cusco, the Urubamba Valley, and Machu Picchu, Mr. Lazo brings a wealth of hospitality knowledge to Union Hotel. As head of guest services, he ensures a seamless and satisfying experience for the thousands of guests who choose Union Hotel each year. Mr. Lazo works closely with the hotel's senior leadership team to turn their vision into reality through day-to-day operations. He also liaises regularly with the senior chef to provide valuable guest feedback. Thanks in large part to Mr. Lazo's integral operational role and deep understanding of the guest experience, Union Hotel Cusco continues to rank among the top properties in the city. His experience and commitment make him the heart of the hotel.

María Gracía Duarte, Esquire, Legal Counsel

A graduate of the University of Lima, Ms Duarte specializes in tax law and has 10 years of experience in legal advisory services and taxes, inclusive of litigation before the Judiciary.  Ms. Duarte has deep experience in corporate tax advice and consumer protection.  Prior to starting NDN, Ms. Duarte worked with BBVA, Repsol and EY Peru.  Ms. Duarte advise CIHSAC on contract drafting and review, business regulation compliance, risk assessment, IP protection, dispute resolution and litigation, employment and human resources regulation, real estate and property law, and guides CIHSAC on corporate governance and transaction matters.

Mario Navarro, CPA, Tax & Accounting Advisor

Mr. Navarro is a graduate of Andina University Cusco and has a master’s is Auditing from University of San Marcos.  He specializes in taxation and international financial reporting standards (and earned a certificate from Pacifico University).  Mr. Navarro has 11 years of experience in transaction evaluation, tax preparations and examination/audit support.  Prior to NDN, Mr. Navarro held advisory positions at Deloitte Peru, Pacífico Seguros and Sunat (Peru’s “IRS”).  He was also a Tax Advisor at Repsol Peru and EY Peru.  Mr. Navarro has advised Belmond Hotel Group the Libertador Hotel Chain and advises CIHSAC on financial analysis, tax compliance and planning, tax liability, financial systems, audits and compliance, and planning and strategy to support expansions, acquisitions, or capital investments.

Mountains in Clouds

Expand Your Horizon

An investment in Cusco is an investment in one of the most captivating destinations in South America. As the historic capital of the Inca Empire, Cusco draws over 2.5 million visitors annually seeking to explore its storied past and stunning landscapes. Investors have the opportunity to profit from a thriving location inside a UNESCO World Heritage site. With Machu Picchu a short train ride away, Cusco continues to be a top global destination. Don't miss this chance to be part of the bright future of the ancient capital of the Incas.

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